Northumbria Chess League 2010-11

Brought to you by the Northumberland Chess Association

Summer Knockout!

Posted by Checker on July 22, 2011

Round 1
Leam Lane Aces 3½-2 Forest Hall B
Eldon Leisure 1½-4 Tynemouth Castles
Morpeth B 4½-2 Newcastle
Gateshead Libraries 1½-3½ Gosforth Empire
Tynemouth Warriors 2½-3 Tynedale Reivers
Tynedale Tans 1½-4 Forest Hall A
Alnwick 3-3½ Jesmond Knights
Gosforth Regents 2½-4 Morpeth A

Round 2 – 1st named team is at home:
Gosforth Empire v Jesmond Knights
Forest Hall A v Morpeth A
Morpeth B v Tynedale Reivers
Leam Lane v Tynemouth Castles

Tynemouth Warriors v Newcastle
Gosforth Regents v Alnwick A
Gateshead Libraries v Eldon Leisure
Tynedale Tans v Forest Hall B


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