Northumbria Chess League 2010-11

Brought to you by the Northumberland Chess Association

Northumbria Chess League archive for season 2010-11

Posted by Checker on October 4, 2010

What it says on the tin! At some point I’m supposed to be creating an Excel-based archive of league results, but that hasn’t quite happened yet, and so what you see here is a snapshot of the main league website as it appeared on 20th September 2011, right before I deleted everything to make way for the 2011-12 season.

Wherever you see “Posted by Chris W”, that’s me, Chris Wardle, the League Conductor.


6 Responses to “Northumbria Chess League archive for season 2010-11”

  1. Gary Murphy said

    Hi Chris

    Good to see a new site up and running, but the hosted version of wordpress gives access to better features and themes.

    However, content is king, and all seems good at the moment ! Keep up the good work.

  2. Chris W said

    Having compared the two, there’s nothing .org can do for this site that would justify the hosting fee. iframes and custom themes would be nice, but unnecessary.

    With any luck this site will eventually sit under, at which point I could indeed do some lovely things with it.

  3. Paul Robson said

    AT THE RISK OF CASTING THE FIRST STONE – The question is when will the new web site be operational?

    • Chris W said

      I don’t know. Is there anything from the old site you particularly miss? I could park it on here as a temporary fix.

    • Roger Coathup said

      Hi Paul.. We’re hoping the site will be up in the next 5-6 weeks. We’ve got a particularly heavy schedule at the moment which has pushed the chess site back.
      Any feature requests, loves and hates about the old site, let us know straightaway.
      Cheers, Roger

      • Paul Robson said

        Thanks ! Just wondering where we were at he moment. Zollner,congress news etc is always of interest.

        Regards Paul

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